Data Security

Encrypted Data Protection

The more portable and transportable our data becomes, the more opportunities present themselves for data loss or theft. Responding to this rapidly increasing need, CMS has developed a powerful suite of award-winning data security products designed to easily and effectively protect sensitive data from theft or loss. Thousands of laptops and data storage devices are lost or stolen every day. That's why data encryption has become so important.

CE Secure DiskVault Traveler Edition

Easy and effortless hardware based encrypted disk to provide external storage or backup & recovery for your PC. With Traveler software to allow authentication anywhere.
From $140.00

CE Secure Encrypted External Drive

The CE Secure Encrypted Laptop Backup Drive is a powerful backup solution designed to protect your data and secure it with powerful AES 256 encryption.
From $130.00

CE Secure Encrypted Flash Drive

Quickly transfer and securely carry digital files wherever your business takes you. It’s ideal for multimedia presentations, important documents and files.
From $25.00

CE Secure Vault3 FIPS Flash Drive

A secure FIPS-140-2 USB 3 flash drive that instantly protects all stored data automatically with hardware encryption and a strong password.
From $55.00