Products tagged with 'Encrypted'

CE Secure DiskVault Traveler Edition

Easy and effortless hardware based encrypted disk to provide external storage or backup & recovery for your PC. With Traveler software to allow authentication anywhere.
From $140.00

CE Secure Encrypted External Drive

The CE Secure Encrypted Laptop Backup Drive is a powerful backup solution designed to protect your data and secure it with powerful AES 256 encryption.
From $110.00

CE Secure Encrypted Flash Drive

Quickly transfer and securely carry digital files wherever your business takes you. It’s ideal for multimedia presentations, important documents and files.
From $25.00

CE Secure Vault3 FIPS Flash Drive

A secure FIPS-140-2 USB 3 flash drive that instantly protects all stored data automatically with hardware encryption and a strong password.
From $55.00